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    Our History

    Turning a Vision Into Reality


    The idea for Vibrant Parks came about in 2016 and it has grown and evolved ever since, to become something we are extremely proud of.


    It all began when HYPE staff alongside some young people we work with noticed a disused area which was fenced off within our beloved Birkenhead Park. After extensive meetings with the local council, we secured a two-year lease of the space – subsequently extended to ten years – and Vibrant Parks was up and running. Our dream of reinvigorating neglected green spaces soon became reality.


    The key word which encompasses everything Vibrant Parks stands for is transformation – since 2016 Vibrant Parks has transformed 14 neglected green spaces and 4 empty buildings located in parks giving them an entirely new lease of life and fitting the wider community as a whole.


    The fundamental goal of the Vibrant Parks project is to bring a new purpose to forgotten spaces within parks and to make them a lively part of the surrounding area, which benefits people’s lives on so many levels. We have worked with hundreds of teenagers on the NCS schemes and helped to shape the lives of countless young people locally, regionally, and internationally.


    Many of the young people who become involved with Vibrant Parks at a grassroots level will eventually progress to our International Vibrant Parks projects.

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