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    Park Explorers

    Park Explorers aims to provide the younger generation with opportunities to engage with local urban parks, learn about the cultural and natural heritage, and encourage them to be physically active.


    We all know the importance of exercise for maintaining good mental and physical health and here at Vibrant Parks, we understand that exercise and fresh air are central to people’s overall well-being. Our Park Explorers activity is the ideal way for people to increase their daily step count while becoming immersed in the natural beauty and wildlife of the park – thus benefitting their health in every way.


    Our Park Explorers have proved to be hugely popular and successful among the younger ones. We offer the following activities:

      • Treasure Hunts: Use your park map to find clues around the park to enable you and your family to find the treasure.
      • Scavenger Hunts: Explore the park and try to find all the pieces identified in our scavenger hunts.
      • Bio Blitz: Did you know there are over 100 living creatures and species in your park? Track and log all wildlife you can find within the park.
      • Multi-sports and Fitness: Including football, basketball, mini tennis, rounders, or dodgeball for children of all ages.


    We are proud to deliver Park Explorers in numerous urban parks across Merseyside:


    📍Birkenhead Park, Birkenhead

    📍Central Park, Liscard

    📍Springfield Park, Liverpool

    📍Sefton Park, Liverpool

    📍Rimrose Valley, Sefton

    📍South Park, Bootle

    📍South Park, Macclesfield

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